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HomeGauge v4.3 Home Inspection Software
Product Information

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Energy Audit Weatherization Inspection Software


HomeGauge v4.3 works great with Windows 7!

· The most versatile and modifiable home inspection software on the market today The software includes several different inspection templates (commercial, residential, condo, multifamily, etc.). For many inspectors, it has all you will need. You can modify these templates and make new ones. Virtually anything in the software template can be easily modified. Include or exclude specific inspection items or whole sections. Easily duplicate whole sections while you inspect (great for multifamily units, condos and hotels). Create automatic summaries, with or without pictures, and more. (Also supports Texas Template TREC REI 7-2)

· Support for add-ons to make more money! HomeGauge inspection software allows you to easily attach documents with the report to market other services you may offer. During the inspection you can determine which brochure(s) to include in the report that best fits them and the services you offer, such as re-selling custom quality filters for air handlers, radon testing for the air in the home, a comprehensive home warranty, offering energy audit testing, offering to remove odors with an ozone machine, and many more products and or services you can easily attach to the report! Simply click on the attachment button in the software and attach a brochure or brochures that are appropriate for each home. Make more money on the same inspection!

· Drop in smart auto comments All software has standard drop-in text, but HG has "Smart Sentences" as well! Smart sentences include Smart Words that allow you to click in replacement text and build sentences or paragraphs quickly. Smart Sentences use the IDEA method to let the inspector know when he has completed his comment: Identify the Defect, Explain and Advise.

· Designed for use in the field HomeGauge home inspection software will run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 computers and Windows Mobile 5 or 6 Pocket PCs. Perform an onsite inspection using a Desktop, laptop, Pocket PC device or Tablet PC. New-to-computer inspectors can print a Walk Sheet to take with them if they would rather come back to the office to complete the report.

· Direct digital camera support HomeGauge is the easiest in picture use. No prepping of the pictures needed. Use straight from the camera, folder or hard-drive. Drop your digital images into HomeGauge in seconds! You can create a Picture in a Picture for thermal images, add arrows and other shapes pointing to problems, resize or crop photos, adjust the picture's brightness/contrast within the HomeGauge software, even add text directly on the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and gets a jaw dropping display from customers.

· Prints to PDF or easily upload and link your report to your website! HG software comes with its own PDF ability for emailing or printing of the report. Or, use our HG Services to upload the report and send the agent and customer a link that will take them to your website to pick up the report. Agents will soon realize that anytime they need access to their reports they can go to your website from any computer with Internet access!


Support for pest inspection forms and other required PDF forms: HG home inspection software can be used to fill out specific pdf forms that may be required by state or federal government agencies, or banks/insurance companies. Common forms are available for purchase in our online store.

Includes line drawings: Includes a secondary filmstrip for line drawings. Use ours, create your own, or add 3rd party line drawings to the many that are already included when you purchase HomeGauge software.

Sketch tool included: Anywhere you can insert a picture, and in pest forms that require a sketch, you can now quickly draw a layout of the home or any other kind of sketch you might need. Click where you would normally insert a picture to pop up the menu and select the "Insert Sketch" option.

QuickBooks integration, and office features: Take the buyer and inspection info, including the invoice, and import it into HomeGauge from QuickBooks, or from HomeGauge software into QuickBooks. HG Office features include email template letters that populate names and info automatically. Use the HG stats page to determine how many inspections, from what areas, types of inspections performed, how much business from each agent, and more.

Use a Pocket PC / PDA (Windows Mobile 5, 6 or latest) to help give you more mobility! Our Pocket HG is the perfect solution for more mobility. Flag items for later review, voice notes are automatically saved at that item and later you can search "Find First voice recording, Find Next voice recording". No more rewinding back and forth. When you take a picture, click the camera icon at that item. Later, use the jump button at each picture and it will take you to the item where the picture belongs in the report! Merge reports easily. If you enter some work on the main version, and some on the pocket, you can merge to one report.

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