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FLIR IR Infrared Scanning Thermal Imaging Cameras and Imagers

FLIR Thermal Imager Infrared Camera

FLIR is the world leader in IR infrared cameras and thermal imaging systems.  Along with the best warranty in the business, FLIR also offers world class technical support, customer service and cutting edge infrared camera design and functionality.  Modern day FLIR cameras not only employ the highest state of art image quality and detector resolution, but also come with features such as; WiFi integration to Apple and Android devices, touch screen with write on screen ability, interchangable optics, auto focus and the most affordable cameras in the world within the FLIR I series thermal imagers.
At AC Tool Supply we have level III thermographiers on staff, that not only know FLIR IR camera systems, but also work in the field doing IR inspections for just about every application.
  • Need help building an infrared business or adding on infrared as an ancillary service?  We can help!
  • Want to avoid talking to just a counter person that only knows part numbers and prices?  That isn't us.
  • Want to avoid a sales rep that only cares about how much camera you can afford?  We know what camera is right for what application without having to oversell you.
  • Most importantly, we can help you market your IR services and help you grow your business via infrared.  Give us a call today and see how our 8+ years of real world infrared experiece can help you!  877-207-1244

Flir Thermal Cameras

FLIR Economy Series Infrared Camera

FLIR E Series IR Camera

FLIR E Series

FLIR T Series Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR T420 T420bx T440 T440bx T620bx T620 T640 T640bx Infrared Camera
FLIR T620 Thermal IR Camera
FLIR E bx Series IR Infrared Thermal Imager

FLIR B Series Building Envelope Infrared Scanning Thermal Camera

FLIR B Series

FLIR B400 Thermal Imaging IR Camera

FLIR Thermal Imaging T Series IR Cameras

FLIR T200 T250 Series

FLIR I Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR I Series

FLIR Scout Night Vision Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR Scout Night Vision


FLIR Infrared Cameras can be used for checking a building's air circulation and substance during & after construction in order to build an energy efficient, low energy home.

Building Thermography
Low-energy homes avoid heat loss and optimize sources of heat production, but passive houses take it a step further by being extremely well insulated with no heat bridges, they use sun radiation, heat exchangers and other sources of energy in order to save heat from the outgoing airflow by transmitting the energy back into the incoming fresh air. They comply with various air quality (DIN 1946) and comfort (ISO 7730) standards. Passive houses require up to 90 percent less heat energy as compared to conventional residential buildings. A FLIR Thermal Camera along with a Retrotec blower door procedure are the perfect instruments for detecting temperature differences using a non-destructive and non-contact method.
The FLIR B360 Thermal Imager has specific measurement capabilities for building inspections, energy audits, and other infrared building applications. Many of the FLIR IR Cameras have insulation and humidity alarm functions, and the Picture in Picture feature which allows you to superimpose an Infrared Image over a normal color picture. After your thermography is complete, prepare your reports for architects, energy consultants, or building owners using the FLIR ThermaCAM Reporter Software.
Some of the FLIR Infrared Cameras that can be used for Building Thermography are the Flir i3, Flir i5, Flir i7, the Flir Ebx series (Flir E30bx, Flir E40bx, Flir E50bx, and Flir E60bx), Flir B400, and the Flir T620 just to name a few. 
Mechanical / Electrical Thermography
FLIR has a suitable Thermal Imaging Camera to fill your particular needs and can save you time and money, as well as optimize your preventitive maintenance program. Thermography measures and reveals the generation of heat in machines & installations. It allows you to visualize overheated components so you can prevent a "creeping" breakdown. Thermal Imaging has grown into an accepted and familiar preventive maintenance method. Having a large scale thermography program can yield your company or facility impressive savings.
The Flir T420 and T440 IR Camera delivers a phenomenal 320 x 240 IR resolution which translates into 76,800 pixels. Even more amazing is the Flir T620 and T640 which delivery a crisp 640x480 image with 307,200 pixels! In conjunction with FLIRs exclusive Advanced Signal Processing, image noise is reduced and razor sharp thermal images are produced with 4X the resolution of our competitors. Use FLIR Thermal Imager for non contact, reliable testing of your facility's equipment. Scanning, visualizing and analyzing temperatures of your mechanical equipment & electrical systems is fast and accurate, and you will join the ever increasing number of people in the world getting cost-savings from their thermography program.
Some of the FLIR Infrared Cameras that can be used for Mechanical / Electrical Thermography are the Flir i3, Flir i5, Flir i7, the Flir E series (Flir E30, Flir E40, Flir E50, and Flir E60), Flir T300, Flir T400, Flir T420, Flir T440, Flir T620, and the Flir T640.
FLIR I Series Infrared Thermal Imagers
FLIR B Series Infrared Thermal Imagers
FLIR E Series Infrared Thermal Imagers
FLIR T Series Infrared Thermal Imagers
FLIR B200 B250 Series Infrared Thermal Imagers
FLIR E bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR Economy Series Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera
Flir T420 T440 T640 Infrared Camera
FLIR Scout Infrared Night Vision


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