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BPI / RESNET Deluxe Energy Auditor Certification Kit
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Fluke TiR1 Thermal Imager

Fluke TiR1 TiR 1 IR Infrared Building Envelope Thermal Imaging Camera / Imager w/ IR Fusion Technology
Financing / Leasing Available

  • building envelope science
  • water and mold restoration and remediation
  • home & building inspections
  • roofing applications
IR-Fusion Technology
See things both ways—infrared and visual (visible light) images fused together communicating critical information faster and easier—traditional infrared images are no longer enough. IR-Fusion, a patent-pending technology that simultaneously captures a digital photo in addition to the infrared image and fuses it together taking the mystery out of IR image analysis. IR-Fusion is standard on TiR1 models.
Retrotec Q4E Blower Door System
Retrotec Q4E High Pressure High Power Digital Cloth Air Blower Door Fan System with Automatic Control - includes fan, guage, and door
The Retrotec Model Q4E consists of a DM-2A Automatic Controler, a 3300 Series Fan & Cloth Door Panel. You can add the fan case, software and accessory options.  The DM-2A Automatic Controler measures and controls pressure and air-flow automatically.  Get air change rate, ELA or air-flow per unit area results without a computer!  Also the 3300 Series fan has a variable frequency drive that runs on both 110 and 240 Volts. At 50 pascals other fans slow down to 4000 + cfm, while the 3300 Series fan still puts out 8000 cfm!
Retrotec Q32 Duct Blower / Blaster
Retrotec Q32 Digital Duct Testing Air Blower System with Automatic Control - includes fan, guage, and door
Retrotec Model Q32 consists of a Duc-Tester Module, a DM-2A Digital gauge and a 12 foot flex-duct with flanges for mounting on the return register.
The Retrotec Duc-Tester is designed specifically to measure residential duct leakage. It can then be used to locate duct leaks and to measure the results of duct sealing. Use the Model Q32 Duc-Tester to verify duct leakage for compliance with codes such as Title 24 in California. The typical 5 Ton air-conditioning system must have 120 cfm of leakage or less to pass California standards. The Q32 will easily test any residential system because it will create 600 cfm which is 5 times more than that.
Just click on the desired test pressure and walk away, the DM-2A will run the test for you. Case for DM-2A and grill mask dispenser not included. DM-2A adjusts speed and measures duct leakage automatically.
BPI Certification Training
BPI’s Accredited Building Analyst Professional Certification Training
The Building Performance Institute has established a Building Analyst Certification which provides customer assurance that the Building Performance Professional is qualified to perform home evaluation which focuses on the house-as-a-system concept. A nationwide network of BPI Affiliate organizations provide the training for BPI Building Analysts. The BPI standards strongly recommend but do not require this training. BPI Affiliates offer both online and classroom seminars that Building Analyst candidates may attend. BPI Affiliates also observe candidates in the performance of a 100-question multiple-choice certification exam as well as a practical field evaluation. The exam may be administered in person, or remotely at a library or other approved facility. Successful candidates must receive a score of at least 70% on the test. The field evaluation must be performed in the presence of a BPI affiliate. Once the testing and evaluation requirements have been met and the application has been processed the candidate is certified by BPI.
RESNET Certification Training RESNET’s Accredited Building Analyst Professional Certification Training
RESNET Training Providers offer both online and classroom seminars that Rater candidates may attend. The RESNET standards recommend but do not require this training for Rater candidates. Training Providers also observe Rater candidates in the performance of two supervised ratings that include the use of approved rating software. At least one of these Ratings must be a “confirmed” rating on-site at a completed home. One of the ratings may be a “projected” rating that is taken from architectural plans and specifications. These two supervised ratings are mandatory under RESNET standards. Training Providers also administer the 50-question multiple-choice National Rater Competency Test (Rater Test) to Rater candidates. The Rater Test may be administered in person, or remotely at a library or other approved facility. Successful Rater candidates must receive a score of at least 80% on the test. Once the training and testing requirements have been met the candidate is considered a “probationary rater” and may then perform HERS Ratings for clients under the oversight of a RESNET Rating Provider, who also will finalize the HERS Rater Certification. All HERS ratings must be performed under the oversight of this Rating Provider, who may be local to the Rater or who works nationally, such as Energy Logic or Guaranteed Watt Saver. Within one year of completing the training and testing requirements Raters must submit at least three Ratings to their chosen Rating Provider. The Rating Provider will perform a close analysis of these three Probationary Ratings, offer feedback to the Rater about any shortcomings, and certify the Rater once those conditions have been met. The Rating Provider will continue to perform quality control reviews on the Rater’s submitted ratings – at least10% of all Ratings will be reviewed on paper at the Rating Provider’s office, and the Rating Provider will send a Quality Assurance Designee to perform a field review of at least 1% (or a minimum of 1 per year) of all submitted ratings.
Infraspection Level I Thermography Certification Training
Level I Infrared Training Course
Level I Infrared Certification Training provided by your choice of providers. The courses can be taken online or onsite and includes the application of qualitative thermal imaging for P/PM, Condition Assessment, Condition Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Forensic Investigations, and Building Sciences. This course covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance, image analysis and report generation.  Students are trained to identify and document thermal patterns caused by improper design, workmanship or material failure. Specific applications include: electrical distribution systems, mechanical systems, steam systems, refractory systems, underground piping, active thermography, building envelopes and flat roofs.
Extech CO10 Carbon Monoxide CO Meter
CO10: Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meter
Faster response measurements to 1000ppm, and easy to read 1999 count backlit displays CO levels from 0 to 1000ppm
  • 1ppm resolution with ±5% or ±10ppm basic accuracy (whichever is greater)
  • Utilizes a stabilized electrochemical gas specific (CO) fast response sensor
  • Audible alarm starts at 35ppm
  • Backlight for low light conditions
Extech CO250 Carbon Dioxide CO2 Meter/Datalogger
CO250: Portable Indoor Air Quality CO2 Meter/Datalogger
Measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2) , Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, and Wet Bulb
  • Checks for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations
  • Calculates statistical weighted averages of TWA (8 hour time weighted average) and STEL (15 minute short term exposure limit)
  • Maintenance free NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor
  • Measurement ranges:
  • CO2: 0 to 5,000ppm
  • Temperature: -14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
  • Humidity: 0.0 to 99.9%
  • User programmable audible alarm
  • Backlit triple LCD display
  • Built-in RS-232 interface for capturing readings on PC
  • Data acquisition software and cable included to record and document CO2, Humidity and Temperature data
  • Optional 33% and 75% RH calibration bottles
  • Complete with software and cable, 4 AA batteries, and carrying case
Extech EZ40 Combustable Gas Detector
EZ40:EzFlex Combustible Gas Detector
Quickly Identifies and Pinpoints gas leaks
  • 16" (406mm) gooseneck for easy access into hard to reach locations
  • High Sensitivity
  • One hand operation with thumb controlled sensitivity adjustments to eliminate background gas levels
  • Visible and audible alarm at 10% (LEL) Lower Explosive Limity for methane
  • Locate the smallest leaks
  • Complete with 3 "C" batteries
Testo 327 Combustion Analyzer Kit w/Printer & Case
Testo 327 - Combustion Analyzer Kit 3, IR Printer and Paper w/ Case
The Testo Combustion Analyzer with Case is designed for heating technicians installing or servicing burners, boilers, furnaces and other combustion appliances to ensure each system's safe operation and efficiency. The Combustion Analyzer operates longer in the field with minimal routine maintenance. The kit also features a probe, spare filters, a power pack, IR printer, spare paper and a case.
  •  Fast 30-second warm-up
  • 4-line backlit display (user configurable)
  • Rugged single line probe connection
  • Integrated protective boot-dishwasher safe
  • Built-in magnetic back
  • Wireless IR link for printer
  • 5 hr. Li-lon rechargeable battery
  • Easily accessible field serviceable sensors
  • Pre-programmed with 8 standard fuels
  • Kit includes:
  • Combustion analyzer
  • Probe
  • Spare filters
  • Power pack
  • IR printer
  • Spare paper
  • Case


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