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Alnor Balometer Flow Hood Air Balancing Test Equipment

AC Tool Supply offers products from some of the top names in the industry including Alnor. We offer a large selection of Alnor flow hood balometer products including their standard units, their LoFlo series, their capture hoods and many others. Whether you are an HVAC technician, a building engineer, or even a safety officer, take advantage of these high-quality instruments made by the professionals at Alnor.

The Alnor Instrument Company started in Chicago in the early 20th century as Illinois Testing Laboratories, a repair and service center for precision instrumentation. Since then, the Alnor line of products expanded into new technologies and products by fulfilling the needs of several industries. In 1995, the Alnor Instrument Company was acquired by TSI Incorporated. Today, the long tradition of providing affordable, reliable, and durable Alnor brand instrumentation continues at the engineering, manufacturing, service, and sales facilities of TSI Incorporated in Shoreview, Minnesota.

When it comes to the quality of Alnor instruments, they help you get the job done flawlessly. We have many terrific options to choose including the air capture hood balancer and their junior balometer. No matter which balometer you choose, rely on this equipment to measure airflow in any building. In fact, HVAC technicians use balometers not only in commercial buildings, but also residential homes in order to ensure each room is receiving the correct amount of airflow.
Browse our site to learn more about our Alnor flow hood balometer instruments. Check out any of our product categories to view additional details about specific pieces of equipment. For more information, contact AC Tool Supply.
Alnor EBT721 Balometer
Alnor 6461CFM Balometer
Alnor 6200 LoFlo Balometer
Alnor Balometer Jr Flow Hood
Alnor ABT700 Series Capture Hoods
Alnor Combustion Analyzers

         Alnor Combustion Analyzers
Alnor Balometer EBT731 Capture Hood
Alnor EBT73 Micro Manometer Kit
Standard Balometer Flow Hoods 6460 Series
LoFlo Balometer Flow Hoods 6200 Series
Alnor EBT721 Balometer Flow Hood
Balometer Jr Air Flow Capture Hood
Alnor ABT700 Series Balometer Capture Hoods
Alnor Combustion Analyzer Combustion Analyzers
EBT731 Air Capture Hood Balometer
EBT730 Micro Manometer

Alnor Instruments Balometer & Air Capture Flow Hood

EBT721 Air Balancer

The Alnor EBT721 Flow Hood / Balometer features a digital manometer which is not only detachable, but can also be used with a number of common measurement, balancing and testing equipment, such as temperature, air foil, ambient humidity probes, pitot or a 16-point velocity matrix. Its light weight and ergonomic design has made Alnor’s EBT series the balometer of choice for facilities managers and contractors, worldwide.

The EBT721 kit includes a manometer, base, a 2 ft. x 2 ft. capture hood, pitot tube, Norprene tubing, and LogDat™ downloading software and static pressure tips, in a wheeled carrying case.

ABT701, ABT703, ABT711, ABT713

Using the Alnor ABT Series Balometer / Flow Hoods over a grill or diffuser, the user can measure air flow distribution to verify a structure air balance. The fast meter response and trend values make the ABT Series Balometers the perfect instrument for facility engineers.

6200, 6200D, 6200F, 6200E

The Alnor LoFlo Balometer is the perfect tool to measure low volume air flow. It accurately measures return or supply flows from 10cfm to 500cfm (17 to 850 m3/h). This light weight instrument is great for light commercial and residential use.

Anatomy of a flow hood

The basic design of an air flow hood is comprised of an air flow capture device (hood) and a measurement device (manometer). The flow capture device is typically a nylon fabric hood mounted over a collapsible frame that directs air flow over a sensing element inside the measurement device. The hood typically has one larger open end that is typically sized to fit a standard commercial register of 22 x 22 inches (560 mm x 560 mm), with other hood sizes available. Most flow hoods can measure flow in both direction (supply or return) and have the capability to perform time averaging. Most flow hoods also have multiple flow ranges that are usually attained by changing the readout device, or by using a low flow screen.

Balometers have been used in the HVAC industry for many years as a method of measuring air flow directly at a register or supply. Until recently, most measurements at the register were made only in commercial buildings as it’s a part of a testing and balancing procedure for the HVAC system. Residential HVAC systems were rarely tested in the past, but new residential HVAC standards and weatherization programs are beginning to look at this aspect of the residential HVAC system. In residential systems, the register flows are used to determine if rooms are getting the correct airflow, and to determine total air flow and root out possible duct leakage.


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