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3M IN-2210 IN 2210 Xtirpa Davit Arm 24 Inch Manhole Collar System
3M IN-2210 Xtirpa Davit Arm Manhole Collar System 24 Inch
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 3M IN-2210 Xtirpa Manhole Collar Brochure 3M IN-2210 Xtirpa Manhole Collar Brochure
 3M IN-2210 Xtirpa Manhole Collar Catalog 3M IN-2210 Xtirpa Manhole Collar Catalog

 3M IN-2210 Xtirpa Davit Arm Manhole Collar System 24 Inch

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3M IN-2210 IN 2210 Xtirpa Davit Arm 24 Inch Manhole Collar System

The 3M Xtirpa Manhole Collar System is designed for manhole confined space access and retrieval.

Manhole collar fall protection systems are made for applications which involve frequent set up over similarly sized access openings. The lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble system introduces a portable
anchor point and
adapter base. The perfect option for areas where permanent anchors are not viable.

Use with 3M manhole collars, barricades and system components (which may be found in the "Accessories" tab). Equipped with a 5,000 pound anchor point.

 The 3M Xtirpa IN-2201 Manhole Collar System Is Perfect For Fast And Easy Confined Space Fall Protection Set Ups

3M IN-2210 Features
  • Great for work environments requiring regular set ups & tear downs with a manhole collar
  • Complete system comprised of a retrieval device, davit arm, adapter base and mast
  • Reliable, lightweight & easily installed
  • Unsurpassed confined space access
  • 5000 pound anchor point
  • 360 pound weight capacity used with the Manhole Collar System

    Choose Options and Quantity
    Manhole Collars IN-2287 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 16 - 18 Inch diameter manholes [+$1,955.00]
    IN-2219 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 18 - 20 Inch diameter manholes [+$1,955.00]
    IN-2220 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 20 - 22 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,011.00]
    IN-2221 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 22 - 24 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,077.00]
    IN-2217 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 24 - 26 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,144.00]
    IN-2222 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 26 - 28 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,211.00]
    IN-2218 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 28 - 30 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,233.00]
    IN-2167 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 30 - 32 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,388.00]
    IN-2223 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 32 - 34 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,421.00]
    IN-2224 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 34 - 36 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,497.00]
    IN-2180 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Fits 42.5 - 44 Inch diameter manholes [+$2,987.00]
    IN-2269 - Xtirpa Adjustable Manhole Collar Fits 32 - 42 Inch diameter manholes [+$3,477.00]
    Manhole Collar Accessories A2217-10 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Comfort Seat, 10 in. Lentgh x 12 in. Height [+$618.25]
    A2217-05 - Xtirpa Manhole Collar Ladder Adapter [+$648.75]
    IN-2282 - Xtirpa Manhole Adaptable Hand Rail, use with IN-2003 [+$851.22]
    IN-2244 - Xtirpa Positioning Seat, attach to man rated winch [+$1,198.00]
    Manhole Cover Lifter IN-2071 - Xtirpa Ratchet Manhole Cover Lifter [+$1,389.00]
    P2071-021P - Xtirpa Ratchet Manhole Cover Lifter Hook, Small [+$103.31]
    P2071-022P - Xtirpa Ratchet Manhole Cover Lifter Hook, Medium [+$103.31]
    P2071-023P - Xtirpa Ratchet Manhole Cover Lifter Hook, Large [+$103.31]
    3 Way SRL 205G-50 - 3 Way Stainless Steel SRL, 50 Foot [+$1,880.00]
    IN-2079 - Xtirpa SRL Adapter, use to attach 205G-50 to davit arm [+$516.62]
    Material Winch 142G - Material Handling Winch [+$835.00]
    IN-2157 - Xtirpa Winch Adapter, use to attach 142G to davit arm [+$225.00]
    Mast & Extensions IN-2044 - Xtirpa Davit Mast Extension, 15 Inches [+$748.33]
    IN-2109 - Xtirpa Davit Mast Extension, 18 Inches, use with 24 inch base [+$775.00]
    IN-2045 - Xtirpa Davit Mast Extension, 24 Inches, use with 24 inch base [+$795.00]
    IN-2003 - Xtirpa Davit Mast, 55 Inches, use with IN-2210, weight 22 pounds [+$1,169.00]
    Manhole Guards & Barricades IN-2108 - Xtirpa Manhole Guard 42 x 38 x 38 In., Integrated Mast, Adjustable [+$3,998.00]
    IN-2324 - Xtirpa Manhole Guard 42 x 52 x 52 In., Integrated Mast, Adjustable [+$4,394.00]
    A2101-07 - Xtirpa Multi-functional Barricade, Single Section, 42 x 38 x 38 in. [+$349.00]
    IN-2101 - Xtirpa Multi-functional Barricade, 4 Sections, 42 x 38 x 38 in. each [+$1,119.00]
    Manhole Rings IN-2010 - Xtirpa Manhole Retaining Ring, use with IN-2009, Expands 28 - 30 in. [+$2,116.67]
    IN-2009 - Xtirpa Cone Shaped Safety Ring, 30 in., use with IN-2010. Coonect to Manhole Guard IN-2108 or IN-2324 [+$2,720.00]
    Stabilizer A2108-18 - Xtirpa Stabilizer, Use With SRL or Winch over 50 Ft. [+$650.00]
    A2108-20 - Xtirpa Stabilizer with Wheels, Use With SRL over 50 Ft. [+$750.00]
    Accessories IN-2176 - Xtirpa Barricade Kick Plate Protector, Prevents Foot Level Objects From Entering Manhole [+$120.00]
    IN-2296 - Xtirpa Manhole Guard Cable Reel Support, For Pulling Conduit Cable [+$303.31]
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