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3M Adflo Speedglas 27-1101-30SW Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR
3M 27-1101-30SW Adflo Speedglas PAPR Powered Air Purifying Respirator
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3M Adflo Speedglas 27-1101-30SW Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR

The 3M Adflo 27 1101 30SW is a high efficiency PAPR particulate respiratory protection apparatus for welders.

Now There's A New Standard In Multi Protection Systems

Projects are becoming getting bigger - skyscrapers, ships, windmills, offshore rigs, mines, and power plants.

As these structures become crowded with beams, cranes & fellow personnel, the overhead hazards become more numerous, while welding arcs generate menacing clouds of fumes very quickly.

The welder’s options for respiratory and head protection have previously been limited & without much concern, until now.

Introducing 3M's latest addition to its Speedglas 9100 Series - the Speedglas 9100 MP Welding Helmet. 3M has seamlessly integrated five levels for welding protection - face, eye, head, hearing and respiratory into 1 comfortable & easy to use system.

The Speedglas 9100 MP welding helmet helps to provide all an in one, comfortable welding protection system for the most demanding work environments.

3M Adflo 27-1101-30SW PAPR Is The Only Respiratory And Head Protection System You Need For Welding Applications
Precise Vision + Protection = Confidence

Is it possible to feel secure in equipment that doesn't properly? Of course it isn't. 3M offers you precise adjustments for the face seal and headband. After tailoring them to profile your face and head precisely, you can feel the precision balance in the helmet and admire its smooth motion while raising and lowering the visor. As you realize the comfortableness you remind yourself that you are wearing a hardhat which is ANSI compliant.

The protective
clear visor is wide - approximately 8 x 4.25 inches, curved & offers excellent views down, up & side to side. This makes it perfect for inspecting and prepping welds or even simply walking around the facility. You can use your peripheral vision at any time, even while welding with the side windows.

3M 27-1101-30SW Adflo PAPR Features Convenient Side View Windows So You Use Your Peripheral Vision At All TimesPerformance Made Easy

Fire up your 3M Adflo (PAPR) Powered Air Purifying Respirator & set your preference for airflow - over your face or visor. Adjust the filter settings & enjoy your fast auto darkening Speedglas 9100 welding filter.

The 9100MP welding helmet features an OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) APF (assigned protection factor) of 25.

Available with your Adflo PAPR system is an (optional) organic vapor - acid gas OV / AG cartridge to remove noxious odors generated during many welding processes. Finally, you can muffle the noise with the (optional) low profile 3M M-985 Peltor Earmuff Assembly.

Respiratory Protection - Fully Mobile

The award winning Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator from 3M is specifically designed for welders. The slim profile along with the light weight, ergonomic design will fit inside tight welding spaces. You can also simply add organic vapor - acid gas OV / AG cartridges to the High Efficiency particle filter & selectively replace each as needed.

The airflow rate is a constant nominal flow rate of approximately 7CFM (205 liters per minute) - regardless of your battery’s charge level or the filter's particle loading. The innovative Adflo PAPR, in conjunction with the Speedglas 9100 MP Welding Helmet’s unique system for air delivery achieves the OSHA APF factor of 25.

3M Adflo 27-1101-30SW Powered Air Purifying Respirator System Has An OSHA APF Factor Of 25
3M 27-1101-30SW System Features
  • Adflo PAPR
    • NiMH battery
    • High efficiency HE particulate filter
    • Wide leather belt
    • Audible & visual alarms feature signals for low airflow & low battery
    • HE particulate filter is stackable onto an (optional - not included) Adflo Cartridge Filter for added protection against OV / SD / CL / HC vapors
  • Welding helmet 9100 MP
    • Flip up assembly accommodates grinding & prep work
    • Shade 5 SideWindows - Side filters which increase your peripheral vision
    • Adjustable, ergonomic head suspension provide improved weight distribution, helmet stability & comfort
    • Speedglas Auto Darkening 9100XX Filter with 2.8 x 4.2 inch viewing area
    • Selectable Shades of 5, 8-13 & light state Shade 3; grinding & tack modes
    • Use with all TIG, MIG, and Stick welding processes
    • 5 position sensitivity control
    • Adjustable recovery delay
    • OSHA APF of 25 when utilized as a NIOSH approved system
    • ANSI Z89.1 - 2009 compliant for Type-1 Class G hard hats
    • ANSI Z87.1-2010 compliant
  • (Optional) earmuff protection accessory
  • Includes welding cap, storage bag and starter kit

3M Adflo 27-1101-30SW Is ANSI Compliant

3M 27-1101-30SW Adflo Speedglas Specifications

Dark State ADF Shades8-13, Variable 5
Approximate ADF Size
11.75 - 12.25
Source (Air)
BatteryNiMH Rechargeable
Included Filter or Cartridge HE Filter
PAPR Systems
Hardhat w/ Faceshield & Welding Shield
Helmet9100 Series
Model Type
PAPR Mounting
Belt Mounted
System Genre
Welding Respiratory
Recommended IndustriesMilitary Maintenance, Manufacturing, Construction, (MRO) Repair & Operation, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Mining

Choose Options and Quantity
Accessories M-985 - Peltor earmuff assembly [+$41.77]
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