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Home > Fluke Test Equipment > Fluke Portable Oscilloscope > 120 Series ScopeMeters

Fluke 120 Series ScopeMeters

The ScopeMeter 120 Series is a robust, compact, and durable solution for installation applications and industrial troubleshooting.


Fluke 123 ScopeMeter
 Fluke 123 ScopeMeter
 Fluke 123 ScopeMeter
Fluke 123 ScopeMeter
 Fluke 125 Industrial ScopeMeter
 Fluke 125 Industrial ScopeMeter

The 120 Series are integrated test tools, with a multimeter, oscilloscope, and paperless recorder in one affordable, easy to use instrument. Find fast answers to problems in instrumentation, machinery, power and control systems.

120 Series Features
  • Dual input 20 MHz or 40 MHz digital oscilloscope
  • Two 5,000 counts True RMS digital multimeters
  • Automatic measurements
  • Dual input TrendPlot recorder
  • Connect and View trigger for hands free operation
  • Shielded test leads for continuity, resistance and oscilloscope measurements
  • 10 to 1 Voltage Probe included with Fluke 124 and 125 for high frequency measurements
  • 7 maximum hours battery operation
  • 600 V CAT III safety certified
  • Optically isolated interface for PC connection
  • Compact, rugged case
  • Fluke 125 gives bus health and power measurements  

With today’s complicated systems, a meters measurements just doesn’t provide enough detailed information to determine the cause of a problem. Signal glitches, dropouts and anomalies that may cause a machine to fail are most effectively analyzed with an oscilloscope. The ScopeMeter 120 Series meets today’s requirement of simultaneously checking and measuring waveforms. Fluke’s unique Connect and View triggering automatically displays stable waveforms of virtually any signal


3 tools in one

The 120 Series ScopeMeters combine two true RMS digital multimeters, a 20 or 40 MHz dual input digital storage oscilloscope, and a dual input TrendPlot recorder all in a small battery operated unit.


Measure everything with one test lead

High frequency waveform, meter, capacitance and resistance measurements as well as continuity checks are all covered by the shielded test leads. No time wasted finding or swapping leads. The included accessories allow hook-up at test objects of every dimension.


The confidence to do a better job   

Working with the pressure of time limitations and in difficult to reach places means you don’t have much time to spend manipulating the instrument interface. This is why the ScopeMeter 120 Series has Connect and View automatic triggering. There’s no need to worry about instrument settings or triggering, and you have all the information on screen to get the job done effectively.


Battery powered convenience

A maximum of 7 hours of battery life frees you from AC outlets for true mobility in the workplace. With its ergonomic design and nominal weight of just over 2 pounds, the instrument is very easy to handle. The drip proof and rugged case assures reliable operation and long life in the most demanding industrial environments.


Safety certified with floating measurements

While normal oscilloscopes can only take measurements with power line ground reference, the Fluke 120 Series Scopemeters can take floating measurements, leaving no risk of an accidental ground short circuit when making a connection. The ScopeMeter 120 Series and the included shielded test leads are safety certified for measurements on 600 V CAT III industrial power systems. And using the VPS40 probe, measurements up to 1000 V CAT II are fully supported. Via the optically isolated RS-232 or USB interface, the ScopeMeter 120 Series can be safely connected to a printer for direct printout or to a PC for later analysis and documentation using FlukeView software.


Connect and View triggering for a stable instantaneous display

Scope users realize how hard triggering can be. Incorrect settings show very unstable and  confusing results. Fluke’s unique Connect and View recognizes signal patterns, and automatically sets up the right triggering. It provides a repeatable, reliable and stable display of almost any signal, including control and motor drive signals without touching a button. Signal changes are instantaneously recognized and the settings are adjusted for a stable display. Benefit from the convenience and speed when measuring multiple test points in fast succession.


Use TrendPlot to find intermittents fast

The toughest faults to locate are the one that occur occasionally which are called intermittents. They can be caused by corrosion, dust, bad connections, dirt or simply connectors or broken wiring. Even if you don’t see it your Fluke ScopeMeter will. In this paperless recorder mode you can plot the maximum and minimum peak values and average over time with a maximum duration of 16 days. The 2 inputs can plot any combination of temperature, amps, volts, phase and frequency along with a timestamp to enable you to locate faults quickly.


Based on the 124, the Fluke 125 offers more test capabilities for measurements on industrial buses and machinery. The 125 additionally offers the following capabilities for tests on industrial machinery:  

  • Power Measurements for balanced 3 phase and single phase systems. The Fluke 125 can directly present you the Apparent Power, Total Power, Power Factor, and the Reactive Power, over a broad range of applied frequencies, even those seen with inverters and motor drives. Consequently, you can easily see the effects on the different power measurements under changing operational conditions or at start up. A current clamp is included as a standard.
  • Harmonics mode graphically displays harmonics up to the 33rd harmonic to assist in fault finding, for example with large non linear loads.
  • Hz and RPM reading for use with combustion and electrical engines.
  • Vac pwm for use on motor drive outputs, reading the true output voltage experienced by the motor itself.
  • Low impedance measurements giving a 0.01 ohms resolution for motor windings and the like.  

FlukeView Software for documenting, archiving and analysis

FlukeView for Windows helps you get more out of your ScopeMeter by:

  • Documenting measurement data, transfer waveforms, and screens from the ScopeMeter to a PC. Import or print the data into your report.
  • Add user text to individual ScopeMeter settings which provides guidance to the operator during set up recall.
  • With archiving you can create a library of waveforms with your comments for easy comparison and reference. Store full Replay cycles for analysis of waveform changes. Store the entire memory contents of the ScopeMeter to your PC for back up.
  • Waveform Compare – store reference waveforms on the PC, or send a reference back to the ScopeMeter for waveform comparison and Pass or Fail testing.
  • Perform spectrum analysis, export data, or use cursors to other analysis programs. ScopeMeter test tools are connected to a PC via an optically isolated RS-232 or USB interface cable.

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